How to create youtube video on phone

How to create youtube video on phone

Welcome to the full free tutorial of how to film, edit, and upload your YouTube video just using your phone. And in this very video, we're gonna be taking you through, step-by-step our entire process for creating content for YouTube on your phone, whether you have an Android or an iPhone, and.- We're gonna be answering your top questions from the  community on each of these steps.- So grab your phone, grab any accessories you have, get something to drink, get a journal and buckle your seatbelt' cause we are getting started right now. You gotta just press record.To get started with video, all you need is your smartphone. And , we're gonna be breaking down how to shoot a videofor YouTube with this.- Now we're using the iPhone 8but if you have an Android or any other smartphone, you're gonna get massive value from so let's get into it.(t Hey, what's up? here.-  here.- And this is ,bringing you the best tips and toolsfor building your influencewith online video and social media,and we're so excited because we're in a four-part series.This is Part One of howto create YouTube videoswith your smartphone.Part One is gonna be allabout shooting the video,then we're gonna dothumbnails in Part Two,how to edit in Part Three,and then finally,how to upload it and optimizethe video in Part Four.- Now, when I first started on YouTube,all I had was a smartphone.I was not into gear.All of that was really intimidating to meso I just wanna encourage you that  is really gonna walk you step-by-stephow to start creating contentwith the phone that you already have.(techno pop )- [Sean] Tip number one isbefore you lock down your shot and set up any gear, put your phone in selfie modeand get a feel for the room.- Yeah, I took the phone like Sean said, selfie mode, walked around,'cause I wanted to see what the backgroundwas gonna look like with me in the shot.Now, you might think that we do this really well at but it takes us a couple times.So you'll see I set up the shot first,and it didn't quite work out.So I wanted the tripod to beabout an arm's length away and I wanted the backgroundto not be too busy,so I moved around the roomand then finally locked in the right shot.- Tip number two is get your gear ready.Now, here's the cool thing,you can start with your smart phone by just putting it on a pile of booksusing your on-camera microphone,but there's a few piecesof gear that we recommendto really level up yoursmartphone content,and that is a lighting kit.The lighting kit we have forthis shoot was under $100,and then also a microphone,and if you've got your dongle,then the microphone justplugs right into your phone,makes it sound better,and Heather was able toclip that to her shirt,and then finally, just atripod and a smartphone mount.And you could get all of that gearfor right around $150 here in The U.S..So if you wanna see links toany of those specific items,we'll post those in the description below.- Tip number three isto lock down your shot.Now, there's always the dilemma:Do you do the selfie mode ordo you do the normal camera?We suggest that you do the normal camera.And here's the best thing.I know I thought when I sat down,I can't see myself, but don't worry.Do a test shot first whereyou click the button,you sit down, you say somethingso you can test your audio,you can check the background,make sure everything'sin frame, it looks nice,and then, when you get started,everything's good to go.- Yeah.And the reason you wanna do thatis because the normalcamera on most phones,the majority is so muchsuperior to the selfie camera.But here's the thing,you can still use theselfie camera if you want,but avoid this mistake.A lot of people, whenthey're having selfie mode,they look at themselves and not the lens.Therefore, people can seeit on the YouTube video.So do your best to look atthat little lens on your phoneand that way, you'll be makingeye contact with the viewer.- Tip number four is tolock in your video settingsbefore you start to shoot.Now, most cameras onyour phone will do 1080p,which is great.We recommend choosing that settingbut if you have theoption for 4K, choose 4K.So , we're doing4K at 30 frames per second.- Yeah, and later in the series,we're gonna be goingthrough how to edit that.And what's cool is on an iPhone 8which is the phone we'reusing for this series,you'll be able to edit 4K easy.But here's the other thing,you can always shoot in 4Kbut then later down process it to 1080pand it'll still look better on YouTube,helping you get more viewsand build your brand faster.Psst, hey!I hope you're gettingvalue out of ,and if you are, can yousmash the like button?All right, let's getright back into the tips.(Rosie barking)Rosie!- Tip number five isto deliver the content.Now, before I even satdown to record the video,there's two things that I did.The first thing is I researchedwhat I wanted my video to be about.So I didn't just set up all my gear,sit down, stare at the camera and go,what am I gonna record?No, I actually knew what thevideo was gonna be about.The second thing I didwas I took the contentthat I knew I wanted to have in the videoand I broke it down into points.That just helps me record the video betterand it allows my audienceto be able to follow alongwith the video all the way to the end.Then, what I did was press record.Now, I walked through the entire videoand just like you, I stumbled.I had to stop and restart and that's okay.You're not gonna getit right the first timebut just keep going.(smooth RnB )- All right.And now that all thefootage is on the phone,it's ready for the edit.But there's actually onemore step before thatand that is creating agreat thumbnail for YouTube.So if you wanna watchPart Two in this series,you can click or tap the YouTube cardand we'll post a link to itin the description below as well.- And if you wanna watch the full videothat I did on my iPhone for ,you can check it out overon my homeschool channel,and we'll post that on the YouTube cardor in the description below.- We are back and readyto answer some questionsabout the video we just watched.And a bunch of questionscame in about lighting,and specifically if theimage doesn't look very goodbecause of low lightand how to actually setup the lights right.So let's remember thatone of the best waysto get good-lookingvideo out of any camerais to actually invest in some lighting.If you can sit in frontof a window, that's good,but that's why werecommended a soft box kitthat's sitting behind usso that you can actually improvethe lighting in your videos.If the image quality is grainyor too sharp or looking weird,you definitely wannainvest in some lights.You don't have to get a big kit.There's actually a $20 ring lightthat you can just attach tothe selfie mode of your camera.We're going to actually linka lot of resources .So we'll put them inthe YouTube descriptionin the resource guide numberedby when we talk about them.But then the other question ishow do you actually set up your lighting?So typically, with soft boxes like that,you want them off to theright side and the left side,raised up a little bitand pointing down at you.You don't really wantthe light shooting up.That's "Blair Witch Project".You don't really want it straight on.That can sometimes be intense.You go a little bit higherand you point down withyour soft box lighting,and then you don'tnecessarily need each sideto be at the same distance.Sometimes it's niceto have a little bit oflighting on one side.In fact, right now, wehave a window on this side,and then a bright ringlight on the other side,which gives a little bitof contrast to the shot.So here's a big tip on lighting:experiment until you feel good with it.Do some test shots, do some experiments.And then we also have somemore resources about this.- Yeah, and Nolan fromthe  teamdid an excellent video all abouthow to set up three-point lighting.So if you wanna understand more aboutwhere you should be putting the lightsand how you get that light onyour face right or behind you,definitely check that in the YouTube card,and we'll link that inthe description below.Now, Mackenzie also asked, howdo you get the right angle?And I feel you because this is somethingI had to practice too.Now, if you're down belowand you're shooting up,it's not really the mostflattering shot for your body.But if you're right straight on,this actually isn't the best shot either.You wanna go up a littlebit and angle down.It makes your body alittle more miniaturized,helping those features out.- And remember, just experimentand test your final shotand see how it looks.It's also gonna affect theelements in the background.So a lot of this comeswith just trial and error and practice.And so test your camera atdifferent heights and anglesuntil you love the way it looks.- All right.So Tere asked, how do youget the blurry background?Now, here's the thing,with the iPhone or with the smartphones,your sensor size isn'tactually large enoughto get the blurry background effectthat you see in a lotof really cool videosbut here's some tricks that I've tried.So you wanna be you, theobject closest to the camera,and you wanna have yourbackground furthest away.That allows it to be softer,but not necessarily blurred.- Yeah, and here's the deal,if you actually want to eventually achievesome other cinematic looksand blurry background looks,you may wanna think aboutinvesting in a camera.One of our favoritecameras here at is the Canon M50.There's been some incredible deals on it.And again, we'll listsome of those resourcesin the resource guide.In fact, if you haven't downloadedour  Gear Guide,then it's a great resourcewhere we cover all thedifferent accessoriesnot only for your smartphone,but also some of our topcamera recommendations.So actually, check out this spot.- Ready to get started on YouTube,but not sure what gear you need?Get your copy of the freeultimate video gear guidewhere we share the best cameras, lighting,and audio set up for every YouTube budget,Visit thinkgearguideto get started today.So Debbie asked, what's thebest way to get great audio?And step number one is actuallyif you're gonna start withjust the in-camera microphone,you wanna make sure that you are closebecause that microphone'sgonna pick up a lot.So you wanna make surethat you're talking directly to the cameraand then it can pick up your audio.- Yeah.Also, if you're in a smaller roomthat has lower ceilings and carpet,we're actually in a big room hereso we're using a differentkinda microphone to help us,and that would be our next tipis that you would use somekind of an external microphone.You saw in the video that we just watcheda little $20 clip-on BOYA mic,but you also can check outsomething like this Takstarmicrophone right here.It's a $25 shotgun mic.I've got the dongle connected to it,and then you can plug thatright into your lightning port,or if you have a headphone jack,you can plug that in there as well.And obviously, you mighthave some questionsabout some of thesesmartphone accessories.So we actually have awhole video out about this.We'll link that up on the YouTube card,as well as post it in the resource guide.- Okay, so we'll answersome more questionsafter this next part.And I'm excited for thisbecause we are going to get intohow to create a thumbnailusing your smartphone.But if you're gettingvalue out of ,make sure to smash that like button.And now, let's get into Part Two.One of the most important elementsof growing your YouTube channelis creating great thumbnailsbut you don't need a fancy cameraor a computer to get started.All you need is your iPhone.So , I'll bebreaking down my three easy stepsfor creating thumbnailswith just your phone.(techno pop )Hey, it's here with ,helping you build your influencewith online video and social media.And on this channel, we dotechy reviews, strategy videos,and tutorial videos just like thisso if you're new here,consider subscribing.So now, I know when youget started on YouTube,it can be scary actuallyhaving to figure out camerasand figure out the editing softwareto just create a simple thumbnail,and so I wanna walk you throughthe three-step process that I usewhen I create mythumbnails using my phone.So let's jump into the tips.One of the first majorpoints of understandinghow to make a great thumbnailis really not even using the phone yet.You wanna think aboutstarting with the end in mind.So you wanna think aboutwhat type of emotion shouldyou have in your facewhen you're making your thumbnail,or are you gonna have words on the sidethat you need to be pointing to,or where are you gonna be looking at?So before you even getstarted making the thumbnail,really think about the end in mindof what you want thatthumbnail to look like.On YouTube, the type of thumbnailsthat get the most clicksare the ones that have emotions.Yeah, it's great to smilesometimes in a thumbnailbut really, when you evokeemotion, when you're pointing,or when you're looking towards wordsthat actually expresswhat they should click on,that's the start of a great thumbnail.The second part of the processis that you want to actuallytake a lot of pictures.I usually take about 10 picturesevery time I'm going to do a thumbnail.And the reason for that isbecause you wanna make sureyou find the right one,the perfect picture.And if you only take one or twoand you get to the editing process,you're gonna be disappointed'cause you don't have the right thumbnailthat's gonna get thoseclicks and grow your channel.So here's some tipsyou wanna keep in mind.I have the camera right in front of mebut I'm over actually to the sidebecause I wanna use this sideto put words on on my thumbnail.I also have the cameraabout arm's distance awayand the reason for thatis I wanna make surethat I don't have toomuch in the background.I want it really to be my faceso you get the emotion that's happening.Now, I'm using an iPhone8, I have a tripod,we'll link all of thegear, really the tripod,down below as well as theapps that we're using,but I do have it on a tripod.Now, you can also do this in selfieand have it and hold the phone,or like I have it here, I have it set upso I can just set the timer.Now, on the phone itself,I actually wanna move it to portrait mode.Again, I have the iPhone8, it has portrait mode,and the reason for thatis because it instantlygives me a blurry background.I don't wanna do a lotof editing to this photoso I already want the blurrybackground to have the effect.In order to take the picture,I want to put it on the timer mode.Now, it can be off three or 10 seconds.I'm gonna choose three secondsand I'm gonna have tohustle back to that couchso I can take this photo.There we go!I took a photo.Now, we'll do that about 10 times through,and then we'll get intothe editing process.(smooth RnB )No photo!So now that we have thephoto that we're choosing,we're gonna go into the editing process.And I like to breakthis up into two phases.The first phase is actuallyediting and cropping the photoso let's do that.Open up your photo app.You can get right to thephoto that you wanna chooseand you hit the edit button.Then, you go into the three dotsand you have all ofthese different filtersthat you can choose from.I really like the vivid filterbecause it really brightens up the photo.When you're thinking about thumbnails,you don't want dull and dark,you want bright and vibrant.So I like to hit the vivid.Now, I also am going toclick the crop button.And then with that,I'm gonna click it on theside and click 16-by-nine.That's gonna actuallycrop the photo in for meso that I have the right photo.I'm just gonna move it aroundso that I can get myface in this 16-by-nineand get my fingers in it.But again, I want a lot of spaceon the side to put the text,and I want my face and thefingers to be pointing directlyso that that's what someone looks at.And you're gonna hit Done.The second part of the phaseis to go into the Phonto app.I like the Phonto appbecause it's a free appthat you can add text to.So we're gonna go rightinto the Phonto appfor Android and iPhone.(smooth RnB )You're gonna click thelittle camera buttonand you're going to go to photo albumand you're gonna import that last photo.Hit done.And now, you're gonnaclick right on the screenand it's gonna say add text.This is where you're gonna add the text.And I like to do less thanfive words on a thumbnail.So I'm gonna choose three words.This is a video that I created aboutwhat I wish I knew beforeI started homeschoolingso I'm gonna put on thethumbnail before you start.I'm gonna separate that upinto three different words.And you can play aroundwith the text and the font and the colors,and you can move thataround on your screen.(techno pop )I'm gonna adjust it around.You can add a backgroundonto it if you'd like to.(techno pop )So you can go into style,you can hit background,and you can put a border around it.I like to always think whenI'm creating thumbnailsthat someone on a phoneis gonna look at it,so I want the words be largeenough for them to read,I want it to be clear textso they can read it easily.And sometimes, I like toplay around with the color.(techno pop )Background.All right, I like how this thumbnail looksso I'm gonna go ahead andsave that to my camera roll.And now, the thumbnail is done.- (sighs) Man, video two was fire,but we have some questions to answer.Heather, let's go.William says, "Simple:which app do you use?"Now, in this tutorial that you just saw,I was using a free app called Phonto.Another app that I recommend,I actually recommended thatif you wanna take it furtheris actually investing in an app.So ones that I likeare Canva, PicMonkey,Bazaart, and Photorama.- And of course, don't forget to check outall of the resources listed belowbecause there's a lotpacked in to .FlyingRedTailHawk asks,"How do you make the words look nicer?"When it comes to your thumbnails,there's a couple tips that we haveand that is you really wannaavoid fonts that are too busy,that are usually toocursive or calligraphy.Now, maybe you wanna usesomething like that for stylebut remember, clarity iseverything on YouTube.You want the words to be clear,you want them to pop off the thumbnail,if you use words at all.So I recommend using minimalfonts, bold text fonts,and also, if possible,put a box or a rectangle behind the fontso that the words really pop off.That's also maybe something to consideris that if you're not gonnaput a rectangle behind it,shoot on a backgroundthat's not very busy,maybe you take a thumbnail shootwhere you take a photo of you,but you're on a plain wallor a nice, colored wallor even like those curtainsback there would be nicebecause they're simpleand you could put the textover the top of those.So just be intentionalin the thumbnail creationand the fonts, you choose.- Yeah, when we're doing thumbnails,we're not just selecting animage from the video file,we're intentional about thethumbnail because remember,getting someone to clickis all about that thumbnailand that title so youwanna make it enticingfor them to go furtherwith you in the video.Rachel asks, I love Canva!Is there a way to addthumbnails from mobileor does it all have to be done on desktop?Well, Rachel, that question and answeris coming up later on .But now, we need to get into editing.Let's edit your entireYouTube video on your phonein this next step in the tutorial.- Here we go.- So you've recorded avideo with your phoneand now you need to edit it for YouTube.Well, ,I'm gonna walk you throughmy easy step-by-step processfor editing your videowith just your iPhone.(techno pop )Hey, I'm  with ,bringing you the best tips and toolsfor building your influencewith online video and social media.And on this channel, we dotech reviews, strategy videos,and tutorials just like thisso if you're new here,consider subscribing.Now,  is a videoin a four-part video serieswhere we're helping youlearn how to shoot, edit,and upload your videosdirectly from your iPhoneso if you wanna check that out,I'll link it in the YouTube cardand down in the description box below.But ,I'm gonna walk you throughediting on your phoneso let's jump into the video.Okay, so I'm on my phone screenand we're going to use the app InShot.I like the app InShot becausethere's a paid version,but there's also a free version,and that's the one we're goingto use for this tutorial.Now, you're gonna wannaupload your video file.You click Video, then you click New.When you click New, it'sgonna bring up your album.You're going to importor upload the video filethat you've created with your phone.I've already done that hereso I'm gonna click on that video.Now, we are gonna headinto the editing process.I like this because there arethree different options youcan use for editing your video.First, you can trim off thefront and back of the video.You can also cut sections outfrom the middle of the video,or you can use this toolcalled the Split tool.I like this tool because ithas this option for multi splitand that allows you to go throughwhen you know the time code for your videoof where you need tocut out your mistakes.That allows you to go throughand make all of your edits in one shot.Now, if you click the button right here,it says, if you wanna revertback, if you made a mistake,it's actually gonna remove allof the splits from that edit.So I like to do it a few at a time,go through, watch the video,and then go back throughand make more multi splits.When you're done, click the checkbox.And now, when you hit the video file,you can see that you have multiple filesthat you can go through andif you need to take one out,you press Delete, and nowyou have the full file.What I also love about thisfeature is that at the end,when you get to the end,if you want to click on it againand just go back into trim,you can then cut off the endof one of those sectionsthat you've edited.The next step in the editingprocess is to add on our text.So you click the text button,and I like to add text tobe able to add social proof.So if I wanted to put in myhandle for Instagram, let's say,I can grab thatand I can actually moveit around the screen.I can click Enter and thenthe text shows up at the top.I can make that go out or Ican have that be really short.Then, there's the sticker function.Click the sticker function,and if you wanna get like your Instagram,you can click Instagram,it pulls it up right there,and then you can put it right next to it,move that around on your screen,and then you can actually move thatto be in the same alignment with the text.Now, if you click on the arrow,I like that you can go tothe end of the video clipif you want that to show the entire timewhen the video ends,or you can go all the wayover and you can allow thatto only be for a certain amount of time.You can also split it.So if you wanna cut it hereand you wanna delete thissection, you can do that.So you have a lot ofediting options in here.Now, I would go through andI would make title cardsfor all of my pointsin my video.Now, if you want yourtexts to move in and out,you have the option of beingable to move that text,so you can have it come in and out,you can have it moved from the side,you can time how long it takes.So if I wanted it to goin and out like that,you have a lot of optionsof how that can come into the frame.And that's what I would do for my text.Now, one option you haveis to actually add in an intro card.So if I wanted to go in here in my editand I wanted to split at this time code,and now, I wanna add in a intro.I could go in and I canselect that video file.I already have an intro pre-made,but this is not necessary.This is just an optionif you wanna add an intro to your video.The next thing we're gonnado is add our end card.Now, if you wanna createan end card here on InShot,all you need to do is clickthe arrow at the very topand you're gonna savethis file as a draft.Then you're gonna go into photo.And now, I need to cropthis into a 16-by-nineso that it can be the endcard for my YouTube video.Now, I like to just add an image on here.And then over in the blank spaceis where two videos on my end cardare going to show up on YouTube.So I keep it a 16-by-nine,and let's say I wannaput on here .All right, I'm done with that,and now I wanna save this image.Okay, now I wanna add the outro.So I'm gonna go to the end of the video,I'm gonna click the button that says Add.I'm gonna go to photos andI'm gonna add that end card.Now, this end card is five seconds long.What's great about YouTubeis that your end cardscan be 20 seconds longso I wanna use all that time that I can.So I'm gonna press the copy, copy, copy,and now, I have an end cardthat will play for 20 seconds.The next step is I wanna add to my intro and my outroso I'm gonna scroll back through.There is actually a wideselection of  here on InShot.So I'm gonna hit tracks.You can go throughand listen to all thedifferent types of .You can also import from your iTunes,and they do have different that you can use on here,and I really like it soI'm gonna add this one.(smooth RnB )Now, in the  file itself,you can play with the volume.So I want it to be pretty lowand I can have it fade out.And I only want it to go to my intro.All right.So I want this to goto the end of my intro.I'm gonna cut it right there.I'm gonna split it off,I'm gonna delete that side,I'm gonna go here, I'mgonna click volume again,and I'm gonna make surethat's just really lowso you can hear mebut you do get a little bit of that .Then, I'm gonna scrollto the end of my video.And right at the end of my videowhen that end card starts,I'm gonna add that same track on there.(smooth RnB )And I'm just gonna split it here.And because I'm nottalking during that time,I'm just gonna keep the volumeat a normal volume level.Now, what I also like is thatyou can add sound effects.So if you wanted to go throughwhen you say  or click like,you have the option toadd in different effects.So if I wanted to add ina popular bubble effect,I could have the bubble effect happenwhen I say hit ,and the bubble sound would come on.So you can add different sound effectsto help allow your videosto come alive more.And now that we haveour full video edited,we are ready to go.We are going to just save and export that,and that is going toexport into your album.All right.So now, your video is readyto be uploaded to YouTube.I like to keep my videos reallysimple but if you wanted to,you could add B-roll or additional photosor even transition cards.But like I said, I liketo keep mine really simpleso I can get the content out there.- Man, mega video for the win.If you're getting value sofar, smash the like button,and let us know in the commentsif you've made it this far,and we also wanna passthe question off to you.How long have you been postingvideos on YouTube so far?Maybe you haven't started the channel yet,or maybe let us know howmany videos you've posted,but we have some questionsto answer all about editingso Heather, let's go.- All right, so the first onecomes from TMA and she says,"What editing software doyou recommend for iPhone?"Now, in the tutorialthat you just watched,I was using InShot,but a couple other onesthat I've invested inthat I really liked areLumaFusion, the 2.0 version.Also, KineMaster is agreat editing software,and there's also iMovie.If you have an iPhone, thatcomes directly on your phoneand you can do some greatediting with that software.- Steven asks, "What's the best app"for Android for editing?"Heather?- So the best one thatI like is KineMaster,and the reason I like thisis because it has a lot offunctionality as an editor.So you have advanced audiocontrols and video controlsand you can layer different files.So you can have yourB-roll over your A-roll,you can also do layers of audio,so if you wanna have and then sound effects,you can do that.Now, they have a couple different ways.This is a purchased appif you want to get rid of the watermark,but you can get it for $5 per monthor $42 for a year currently right nowis what they're offering on an Android.- So check out the resource guideif you wanna see details aboutthat in the description belowwith all these videos and softwaresand apps and things like that.- ANDJ Visuals left a comment,and a part really stuck out to me.He said, I keep overthinkinghow the video shouldlook and delay my upload.(groans) I can relate to this so muchand I want you to know, you're not alone.If you're a creator out thereand you felt anxious and overwhelmedand really feeling like,ah, I just don't wanna put this out there'cause you're afraid of the judgmentthat could happen with the videoor how perfect the videoisn't, that's okay.I still feel like thatand I've been creating here onthe platform for five years.And I want you to know that it's importantto just get the video out there.Yes, we wanna make surethat we're editing it right,and yes, we wanna make surethat we're filming right,but at some point, when youare finished with that edit,you just have to upload thatvideo and get it publishedbecause like Sean says,YouTube is not a sprint, it's a marathon,and so we wanna encourageyou to punch perfectionismin the faceand get that video uploaded.- Yeah.So with that, that actually brings usto Part Four in this serieswhich is all about nowhow from your phone,exporting it, uploading it to YouTube,connecting the thumbnail to it.So if you haven't smashed like yetand you've been gettingvalue, hit the like button,and let's just dive intoPart Four right now,and then we'll do Q&A right after.- So how do you upload videosfrom your iPhone to YouTube?And how do you optimizethis so you get more views?Well, , I'mgonna be walking you throughour quick step-by-step process coming up.(techno pop )Hey, I'm  with ,bringing you the best tips and toolsfor growing your influencewith online video and social media.And on this channel, we dotechy reviews, strategy videos,as well as tutorial videos just like thisso if you're new here,consider subscribing.Now,  is PartFour of a video seriesall about how to shoot, edit,and upload from your phoneso if you missed Part One, Two, and Three,we'll link it up in the YouTube cardand down in the description box below.All right, so you have your videoand you're ready to upload it to YouTube.Now, you do need the YouTube appbut you also need the YouTube Studio app.So make sure you have both of thoseready to go for this tutorial.All right, so you have yourvideo and you're ready to go.You wanna make sure that youhave a battery that is chargedor you're plugged in andyou are connected to wifi.Now, let's get your videouploaded to YouTube.So the first thing you wannado is open up your YouTube app.Up at the top, you'll see a little camera.Click that and thenyou're gonna click Video.You're gonna find the videothat you wanna upload.Here's the video that I want.And it's gonna allow youto have the option to edit.Now, we've already edited our videoso you're already set on that,and then you're gonna click Next.Now, you wanna make surethat you give the title of your videoand then the description.Now, what I like to do isI like to go into my notes,and I pre-put in the description that I wanna have.That allows me to haveall the links that I need and the description,and any calls to actionthat I want to have insideof that section.So I'm just gonna copy that.I'm gonna copy the whole thing.Gonna go back to my YouTube app.That video's in there.I'm gonna paste that into my description.So there you go, everything's in there.I'm gonna title this.This is called five thingsI wish I before I.All right.You wanna make sure thatyou upload this as unlisted.So you have the option ofpublic, unlisted, and private.Now, I like to upload it as unlistedbecause I still have a few more thingsthat I need to do to and I don't want it to golive to the public yet.So you wanna click unlisted,and then you can click Upload.Now, you wanna give your videojust a little time togo through the processand not close down this window.So you wanna leave this window openwhile your video ispreparing and processing.- [Announcer] 2,000 years later.- All right, so our video is now uploaded to YouTube unlisted, so the public is not seeing it yet.And now, we need to switchover to the YouTube Studio app.So you're gonna go into the YouTube Studio app,and you're going to then pull up the video,clicking the video.You're gonna click that video and then you're gonna see up at the right, you'll see that little pencil.Click that pencil because now,this is where we're gonna upload our thumbnail. Click Custom Thumbnail. All photos.I'm gonna grab my thumbnail. I'm gonna select it. So now, that's there. I'm gonna save. Now, you can also add in your tags. Now, ,we're not gonna dive into how you discover what tags to do. We have a free training over at  where we dive into how to determinewhat tags you need for your videoto get the most amount of views.So then save.And then when you have your tags,you're gonna enter your tag,you're gonna press return,and that's going to bringit up as a single tag.Then press Save,and now, you're ready to go. All you need to do now is change that unlisted to publicwhen you're ready to publish your video and your video is out in the public.

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