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How to create a youtube channel

In this video, I'm gonna walk you through how to create a YouTube channel step by step. Including the key optimization setting that most people miss. That will help you maximize your result seven if you've already started. Hey, it's Justin Brown here from Primal Video. Where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you're new here, make sure to click that subscribe button. And all the links to everything we mention in this video, you can find linked in the description box below. So let's jump into it. Now YouTube has become the second most popular search engine in the world. So it's no wonder that more and more people  wanna get on the platform. And to learn how to make a YouTube channel of their own.So with the right process and a little optimization of some key channel settings, you can quickly set yourself up,and your new channel up for success.Ready to maximize your views,your subscribers, andyour traffic on YouTube.So in this video I'mgonna step you throughhow to create a new YouTube channel.Along with all the key settingsthat you need to maximize your results. Now I really wanna make surethat you're paying attention here.Because as we go through this, I'm gonna be covering off thetop tips that we've learnedto really help you optimize your channel and your content.So that YouTube wants to promote it.Now I also wanna let you know that what we've built out in thedescription below this video,is essentially a resource,or a tool kit for helping you set up your channel. Including videos, includingall of the resources,the gear, the software, the tools, the stuff that we use and that we recommend. But also direct links to tutorialsthat are gonna help you dive deeper in some of the things that we are covering relatively fast in this video. Things like your branding, and thumb nails, and channel art. All of those we have dedicated walk through tutorial son those specific elements. If you do wanna dive deeper on them.And they're all linkedin the description below.So the first thing I need to do is tohead over to YouTube.comand click sign in in thetop right hand corner. And you're prompted to login .So if you've already got a Google Account or a Gmail email address.This is where you will login with that.If you wanna associate that with your YouTube account. If you don't have one yet, then you just click create account down here and create one. Now before we go any further in this tutorial. There are two types of channels that you need to be aware of. The first is a personal channel. And that is linked to your personal Google or your personal Gmail Account. And only you can access, or only people who are logging into that exact account with that username and password, are able to manage that YouTube channel. The other thing to know with a personal channel, is that the YouTube channel name is going to be restricted to your account name. Which in most cases is going to be your own name. But the second option you have is to create your YouTube channel instead of as a personal channel as a brand channel. And this is gonna give you access to things like a custom channel name. So it doesn't need to justbe your personal name. And you can also assign other people,or other Google Accounts, as channel managers on your channel. So you don't need to be giving outyour person Google account login detailsto anyone you wanna havehelp out with your channel.You can actually just grant them access with their login detailsto access your channel.So you need to selecteither a personal channelor a brand channel.But do note that you can switchfrom a personal channel to abrand channel at a later date,if you'd like to change later.Or if you've maybe alreadyset up as a personal,you can convert it overto a brand channel later.But what I would recommendand what we use is a brand channel.So that we can have multiplepeople managing the channel.So once you've signed into YouTubeusing your Google account.You can come up to thetop right hand corner,to your little profile picture.And if you don't have a channel yet,this is your first time logging in.You can click here to create a channel.Now if you already havean existing channel.When you click on this,you'll be able to access your channel.But maybe you wanna createa brand new brand channel.So that's when you have tocome down here to settingsand go over to add ormanage your channels.And here will show all the channelsthat you already have access to.You can create a new channeljust by hitting the plus buttonin the top left hand corner.So going back over toour new channel set up,this is where it's asking us if we wantto create a personalchannel using our name.Or if you wanna use a custom name,which is creating a brand channel.So I wanna select brand channel.Now this is where you get to decideyour YouTube channel name.Now it could be that you're stillopting to use your personal name.And if you're not gonna go with your name,I would suggest try to keep it on topic.Or somehow related to the contentthat you are going to beadding to your channel.But do know that it is possibleto change your channelname after you have set it.So it's not so much of a big deal.Now we have got a videospecifically on this topic.Selecting your channel name.Talking you through a coupleof different processes.And a couple different thingsthat you can do to help you landon the perfect channel for you.So again, that's gonna bein the recourse's below this video.And I will also link itup in the cards now too.Let's call this Super Awesome Channel.I understand I am creatinga new Google Accountwith its own settings.If we go create,it'll go through and do its thing.And then we get presented with this.Nice work.Your channel, Super AwesomeChannel has been created.It's giving us the next step here,which is to upload a profile picture.So we'll just go upload picture.And navigate through and find a picture.I'll put this one here in.Once you've got your profile picture in,you can come down.And they're asking you nowto tell your viewers about your channel.So this is your YouTubechannel description.So what you wanna addinto this section hereis a few sentences.Or a short sharp paragraph.Including who you are,what your channel is about,and what viewers canexpect on your channel.What's the type of contentthat you're putting out.And now a pro tip here is that youcan actually optimize thisup to help your channel rankby adding in some keywordsand some key phrasesaround the content thatyour going to cover here.So it's important to addsome of those keywordsand key tags into thechannel description here.Also into the channel tags,which we're gonna get to soon.And also inside the videos themselves.That is gonna give you the best chanceof getting your videosand your channel rankingon YouTube faster.Now make sure you stick around to the endbecause I'm gonna share with youour YouTube Ranking Guide.To help you do this for your videos.And for your channel.So here's our channel andour channel description.To give you an idea of the types of thingsyou can put in there.We've got a bit of an intro,welcome to Primal Video,introducing myself and Mike,and what we do.We're talking about the types of videosthat we're putting out on this channel.We ask people to subscribe,if they think that's a fit for them.And we've also go linked here a resourceto one of our video editing guides.But you can see in this description,we've got a few keywords that are relatedto the content we are creating.So video creation,we've also go video editing tutorials,gear reviews, videoproduction tips and tricks,video marketing tips,YouTube ranking tutorials.So this is stuff that willread well for a human.But also helps YouTube understandwhat your channel is about as well.So for the sake of thechannel we are creating now,I am just gonna copy and paste thisas the description for the new one.Next up you're gonna adda links to your sitesand to your social media profiles.So add in our website here,and we can give it a name.We can add in our Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.And we hit save and continue.Okay when that's complete the next thingyou wanna do is to verify your channel.This is gonna unlock some extrafeatures and things in here.So you wanna come up againto your profile image,come down to settings,down here to channel status and features.You can see these are the different thingsthat you can unlock for your channel.And the first tip in unlocking these,is verifying your channel.So hit verify.Next you wanna come through,select your country.You can either do it then withan automated voice message,or you can get a textmessage sent to your phone.And then enter the verification code.And your channel is now verified.So it doesn't take muchto verify your channel.And you can see straightaway we have accessnow for custom thumbnails.External annotations.And we can upload longer videos.And we can also upload videosunlisted and as private.So once that's done you'regonna wanna go throughand set up your actual channel.So if we go up here toreturn to YouTube Studio.We'll then go to our actual channel.So we'll come up here toview your channel on YouTube.And over to customize channel.And this is where we canadd in our channel artor our branding to make thislook and feel like our brand.Now we have a full walkthrough oncreating your YouTube banner.Including some really advance tipsand techniques in there as well.Again it's linked below is the descriptionin that resources area.And I'll throw a linkup in the cards as well.For this one here I'm justgonna go add channel art.You get to either upload a photo.Use any photos that are already uploadedon your Google Account,Or there's some in the gallery herefrom YouTube that you can use.Let's just pick this one here.Now you can adjust the crop.You can see that this doeslook totally on desktop,to TV, to mobile.So if you wanna adjustthe crop and zoom in,or crop something out.You can do that in here as well.Maybe position it up a bit.Cool.And hit select.So that's how you can uploadyour YouTube channel art.So now if we go over tothe About page here again,you obviously see our description in here.If we needed to make any changes to itwe can edit that here.But there's some other detailsthat we can add in down here as well.So for business inquires wecan add in a email address.Go done.So it makes it easy for people to findan email address to contact us.If you wanna add alocation for your channelyou can do that in here as well.So from here you wanna go backto the YouTube Studio Dashboard.Down to the bottom to settings.And then down under channel.And in here there's more settingsto customize up your channel first.So we're gonna go first overto this one here, branding.This is a little branding watermarkthat you can add to your video.It also act as a subscribe button.So you could just useyour profile picture.Or you could make some littlesmall subscribe button.So for us I'm just gonna choose image,go to the desktop,I have a little YouTubewatermark subscribe button here.Which looks just like this.It's something really basic.And then you get to choosewhere you want this displayed.So whether it's on screen the entire time.Whether it starts at five seconds in.Or whether it's only shownat the end of the video.So I'll leave it here,it starts about five seconds in.'Cause that's gonna be after any adsor anything that's showingat the bottom of our video.Then across to Advanced settings.This is something thatyou will need to specify.Whether your channel isaimed at kids content.Or whether you're creating contentthat is made for kids or not.So you will need to specify,that yes, this channel is made for kids.We can have kids content on it.Or no this channel is not made for kids.Now do know that you alsohave a third option here.That I want to review thissetting for every video.So you can manually set thison a per video basis as well.So I'm gonna go with no this channelis not made for kids with this one.If you do have a Google Ads Account,you can link it down hereby just hitting a link.And if we come backacross to basic info here.This is where we're ableto add in some keywordsor some key tags associatedwith our channel.To again show YouTube what our channeland our content is about.To give it everything it needsto best show our channel,and our videos,up in search results,and on the YouTube platform.So it could be that you're starting offwith some obvious ones here.Justin Brown.Primal Video.I'm just pressing the commaand that applies it as a tag.It could be video marketing.It could be YouTube for Business.Video editing.Filming on iPhone.Filming on Android.You get the point.What are the things thatpeople can search forto potentially find your channel.And again, this is whereour YouTube Ranking Guidethat I'm gonna share withyou at the end of this video.Is going to help you findout what these terms are.That your ideal subscribersare searching for,that you can associatewith your channel as well.Where the content is related.So you wanna go ahead andadd a few of those in.Now only add them in if theyare relevant to your channel.Don't just add spam ones in.Or ones that are maybea hot topic right now.You really just wanna add in the onesthat are relevant to your channel.So do all that and you got upload default.Now this is where you can startto stream line your upload process.Every time you upload a video,these can be the default valuesthat are added to each one of your videos.So for the most part I would saythat you leave the titleunder the description empty.'Cause they are gonnarelate to each video.But maybe you're setting thingslike every video when you upload itto go as private firstwhile you get it set upand then you release it at your own time.Likewise with tags.If there's some tags that are gonna applyto every one of your videos.Like in our case it could besomething like Primal Video.Or Justin Brown.We can add those in hereand they're gonna show upautomatically when we upload every video.And there's more upload defaultsunder Advanced settings here.Around licensing, and allowing comments,and those sorts of things thatyou can lock down as well.So those are the main settings in therethat you're gonna wanna go through.So we just hit save to back out of that.So now that your channel ispretty close to being set up.We can now go throughand add in any managers.Or any other accountsthat we would like to haveas managers on our channel.So to do that come back upto your profile picture,head to YouTube just to take you backto the YouTube Dashboard.And then when we clickon the profile pictureyou're gonna get more options in here.So we then come down to settings.And then you can add and remove managersdown here under channel managers.Just click on here.And you can assign people tobe managers on your channel.Now while we're on this pageI will also show you the viewadvance settings in here.So in here is where itgives you your user id,your channel id.In case you need those tolink up things like TubeBuddy,or other YouTube channel management tools.Which we use and strongly recommend.And the other thingthat's on this page is,this is where you cometo set your custom URL,once your channel hasbeen approved for it.So this is where you canhave youtube.com/primalvideoas the link you give people.Instead of having your linka bunch of random numbers and letters.Now there are requirements for this,if we click on this nowit will tell us in here.That in order to have a custom URL,your channel will need tohave 100 subscribers or more.Be at least 30 days old.Have an uploaded photo as a channel icon.And have uploaded channel art.So once you reach those thingsthat is where you can goback and add that as well.So if we go back to our channel page now,this channel is nowset up and ready to go,for you to start uploading content.Obviously all you need to do then,is film some videos,and come up here and hit upload video.And you're good to go.So that's a completewalkthrough on creatingand setting up your YouTube channel.Now we've mentioned this acouple times in this video.But linked on screen isour YouTube Ranking Guide.This is a free download,a free resource for you tohelp you find high traffic,low competition keywords you can useto help optimize yourchannel and your videosto show up in both Googleand YouTube search.This is the exact strategy thatwe use to grow our channel.And that we teach ourclients and students as well.So click the link to grab your copy.